Turbotorch TX-503 - 0386-1297
0386-1293 TX504 Turbo Torch
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TurboTorch Extreme Propane/ MAP Self Lighting Torches

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TurboTorch Extreme Propane/ MAP Self Lighting Torches

TurboTorch® has developed a new series of hand torches that also feature Extreme Swirl Technology. The new Extreme series generates more heat than other hand torches for faster brazing times and less gas consumption.

All Extreme series hand torches and tips feature TurboTorch swirl combustion. Higher heat levels, in a short amount of time, enable the pros to quickly complete the job.

Select from two models depending on the job. The TX-503 series is a “cooler” torch, making it ideal for general plumbing jobs. The TX-504 series is suitable for HVAC and high capacity applications. Both models feature convenient self-lighting triggers, quick disconnect couplings between handle and tips.


  • TX-503 - 0386-1297
  • TX-504 - 0386-1293

TurboTorch Extreme Propane - MAP Self Lighting Torches