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TurboTorch B-Tank TDLX 2010B Roller Tote Outfit


Plumbing & HVAC Professionals can work in some rough conditions and need equipment that is built to withstand those everyday challenges. The TurboTorch TDLX 2010B B-Tank Roller Tote outfit features durable wheels set to a wide wheel-base for added stability in rough terrain, as well as a metal base for a solid and reliable operation to easily move between work areas and keep the tools you need handy. Both TDLX outfits feature an Extreme self lighting tip, an Extreme standard tip, an ergonomic handle with quick disconnect and a tank tote that conveniently stores the hose and additional tips.

Outfit Includes: 

  • Durable Tote Case 
  • PL - 8A Self Lighting Tip
  • A - 3 Tip
  • G4 Torch Handle 
  • AR - B Regulator 
  • AH - 12' Hose 
  • Tank Key