Tweco 17V TIG Torch Package W4013802

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Tweco 17V TIG Torch Package W4013802

Tweco® 17V TIG Torch Package W4013802

The Tweco® Weldskill 17V TIG Torch Package is designed specifically for the Rebel EMP 215ic and Fabricator® 141i, 181i multi-process welders.  The 17V style TIG torch comes with a gas valve with on/off switch, 13 ft. leads and 50mm (standard) solid male dinse connector.

Package includes:

  • 17V style TIG torch
  • 12.5 ft (4m) lead gas hose
  • 5/8"-18UNF hose connections
  • gas valve with on/off switch
  • 50mm male dinse connection
  • 50mm female X 25mm male dinse adapter
  • TIG accessory kit with
    1 piece thoriated tungsten
    2 collets
    1 collet body
    3 Alumina nozzles
    1 short back cap
    1 long back cap