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Victor Dual Argon Flowmeter - DFM 150 - 0781-1153
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Victor Dual Argon Flowmeter - DFM 150

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Victor Dual Argon Flowmeter - DFM 150

The Victor DFM 150 Dual argon flowmeter sets the standard for MIG and TIG inert gas control.  Built from solid brass with features that make this flowmeter suitable for industrial welding applications. The flow tubes are marked and calibrated for argon. 

  • Monitor two separate processes or gas flows
  • Ideal for applications where shielding gas and back purge requirements are needed
  • Designed to offer convenience for the maintenance and fabrication industries
  • Brass body
  • Teflon seat mechanism
  • Sintered inlet filter – bronze
  • Music wire – spring
  • Piston – brass
  • Cover tube – lexan
  • 5/8"-18 RH(F) outlet connections
  • CGA 580 inlet connection
  • 1-1/2"/38cm PSIG/KPA gauges
  • Item# 0781-1153