Wall Mounted Telescoping Wire Feeder Booms

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Steelmax® MIG Wire Feeder Booms are expertly designed to improve manufacturing floor space efficiency and promote a safer workplace. These incredibly useful devices organize a welder’s fabrication area by removing welding cables from the shop floor and locating them on an overhead boom for better cable management and safety.

MIG Wire-Feeder Booms dramatically improve efficiency in large fabrication operations by eliminating time consuming equipment moves and increasing a shop welder’s mobility. The MIG Wire-Feeder Booms also protect your investment in costly welding equipment by reducing damage from equipment sitting on and being moved across the shop floor.

  • Rotates up to 180° around the vertical axis
  • 2 models with adjustable reach of 106”- 236” (2700 mm – 6000 mm) and 128”- 304” (3251 mm- 7729 mm)

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