Walter Chopcut Metal Chop Saw Cutting Wheels
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Walter Chopcut Metal Chop Saw Cutting Wheels

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Walter CHOPCUT ™ Metal Chop Saw Cutting Wheels

Double external reinforced cut-off wheel for portable chop saws

For cutting steel and stainless steel.  These wheels have been developed specifically for use on portable chop saws. They put minimal load on the motor, making them easy on both the operator and the tool. Best of all, CHOPCUT ™ wheels deliver quick cuts and exceptional lifespan. 


  • Cut a full range of materials
  • Fast cutting rate and long wheel life
  • The wheel of choice for solids
        • Grade - A-30-HC+
        • Arbor - 1" 
        • For cutting steel, stainless steel


        • 12" x 3/32" thick -  1" Arbor - 10-Q 123
        • 14" x 3/32" thick - 1" Arbor - 10-Q 143
        • 16" x 7/64" thick -  1" Arbor - 10-Q 163

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