Walter E-Weld Nozzle™ Replacement Applicator

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Walter E-Weld Nozzle™ Replacement Applicator

Extend the life of welding nozzles and reduce downtime spent scraping out spatter with E-WELD Nozzle. This highly concentrated anti-spatter evenly coats the exterior and interior surface of your welding nozzle to prevent spatter from adhering to the nozzle. Replacement Applicator.


  • This prevents obstructions and allows the gas to flow freely, resulting in  higher quality welds.
  • This is an extremely economical solution, as the easy applicator dispenses a thin layer that can provide protection for up to 8 hours.
  • This is an ideal solution for MIG welding, plasma cutting and laser cutting as the E-WELD Nozzle can withstand high temperatures (up to 1832° F) and reduce your consumable spend.

Walter E-Nozzle System Product Info


  • Replacement applicator only.
  • Part No. 53-L 121