Walter Spatter Block HT™

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Walter Spatter Block HT


High Temperature anti-spatter emulsion

Spatter Block HT™ is a unique, high performing anti-spatter solution that protects work pieces from adherence of high energy spatter and eliminates costly spatter removal operations.

  • Ideal for pre-heated workpieces, multipass, thin sheet, and stainless welding
  • Multi-functional, can be used as degreaser to prepare surfaces prior to welding
  • No additional steps required in paint preparation
  • VOC free, solvent free, silicone free, and biodegradable
  • Odourless

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  • 400 ml Aerosol Can - 53-F 222
  • 500 ml Sprayer Bottle - 53-F 223
  • 3.78 L Bottle - 53-F 225
  • 20 L Container - 53-F 227