Walter SURFOX™ Pre-Weld

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Walter SURFOX™ Pre-Weld


Quick Evaporating Surface Cleaner

SURFOX Pre-Weld is a fast drying surface cleaner formulated for preparing and degreasing metallic surfaces prior to applying conventional or water-based coatings. SURFOX Pre-Weld removes contaminants such as processing oils, anti-corrosion oils, light waxes, and similar contaminants which can have a detrimental effect on coating adhesion properties or on welding properties.

  • Quick drying water-based cleaner
  • For cleaning and degreasing prior to painting, coating and welding
  • Ideal for manual cleaning, ready-to-use
  • Removes processing oils, light waxes and other contaminants that affect paint adhesion
  • Quick evaporating action to ensure a residue free surface once the product contaminants are wiped away
  • Provides temporary corrosion protection
  • Water-based, high flash point
  • Replacement for surface preparation solvents such as acetone
  • Biodegradable, VOC reduced and phosphate-free

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  • 500 ml Sprayer Bottle - 54-A 073
  • Case 12 500 ml Sprayer Bottles - 54-A 073 (12/Pack)
  • 5 L Bottle - 54-A 076
  • 20 L Container - 54-A 077