Walter Surfox Turbo Weld Cleaning System

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Walter Surfox Turbo™


The SURFOX™ TURBO cleans TIG, MIG and spot welds on stainless steel and delivers an excellent cost-benefit ratio for cleaning and achieving passivation.

Product Info Sheet

Why is passivation so important?

Stainless steel is naturally able to resist corrosion thanks to a passive chromium oxide layer that forms on its surface. The formation of this protective layer is called passivation. Abrasion or excessive heat (caused by welding) will destroy this protective layer and expose the metal to corrosion. In order to fully restore the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, heat tint and other surface contaminants must be removed. SURFOX is a safe, effective and fast electrochemical cleaning system. The rate of cleaning welds with this system is between 3-5 feet per minute. The SURFOX system combines both the cleaning power of electrical current and the passivation properties of electroyte cleaning solutions. Passivation begins instantly after the SURFOX  electrochemical cleaning process is completed. It usually takes between 24 to 48 hours for  passivation to be stable and complete.

User Manual

Part No. 54-D 045

The SURFOX machine can clean:

  • TIG welds
  • Plasma welds and cuts
  • Laser welds
  • Spot welds
  • MIG welds

Required for use;

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