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Welding Cable Copper Splicers
Welding Cable Copper Splicers

Welding Cable Copper Splicers

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Lenco Welding Cable Copper Splicers

Ideal for making repairs to broken lengths of cable, connecting short pieces or adding cable to make longer runs.  Made of copper copper tube, the connection will result in no loss of power.  The Lenco Swedg-On Tool , Crimping Tool or similar type tool to crimp the copper tube and secure cable ends.  Heat shrink HS-I is required to protect the copper splicer from shorting (grounding) out.  

Lenco Welding Cable Repair Splicers


 Model Item Code
Cable Capacity Splicer I.D Length
S-12 06110
No. 1 - 2  .402" (10.2 mm) 2.37" (60 mm)
S-1020 06120
No. 1/0 - 2/0
.495" (12.6 mm)
2.92" (74 mm)
S-3040 06130 No. 3/0 - 4/0 .620 (15.7 mm) 3.25" (83 mm)


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