White Anti-Borax Flux

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Weldcote White Anti Borax Brazing Flux

Brazing powder flux that is active in the temperature range 1400-2200°F/760-1205°C. It is used for brazing brass, bronze, copper, steel, stainless steel, malleable iron and heat-resistant alloys.  Anti Borax flux promotes deep penetration of the filler metal in the joints, resulting in high bond-strength.  It dissolves and removes oxides rapidly and thoroughly with a minimum of bubbling, keeping impurities and porosity out of the joints.

  • Sold in quantity of 1 lb.


Thoroughly clean the work piece; breaks should be enlarged to a V-notch. Heat the end of the metal rod with a torch and dip into the flux or sprinkle the flux on the work piece. At the right temperature, flux will turn into a liquid that rapidly flows into all cracks and crevices, removing oxides and other impurities. Continue to melt the filler rod until the break or joint is filled, avoiding overheating. It is well to remember that, in brazing, only the filler metal is melted, not the base metal. Weldcote White Anti Borax Flux may also be used as a paste by adding water and mixing well. Brush the paste on the work piece and also on the brazing rod, allow the paste to dry, and apply heat. Flux residues wash off completely using hot water.

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