BuildPro Universal Flange Clamping Plate, for 5/8" Tables

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BuildPro Universal Flange Clamping Plate, for 5/8" Tables


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Hold ASME / ANSI / DIN Standard Flanges in position for flange + pipe joining!

Reduce set-up time and increase weld quality for greater repeatability.

Hold, accurately locate, and securely clamp down standard flanges. Guide Blocks in the Flange Clamping Plate expand or contract symmetrically to accurately locate the flange for greater weld quality. The patent pending Flange Clamping Plate provides full welding clearance, and allows easy removal of the finished weldment.

Fits standard flanges with these specifications:

  • Hole circle diameter range: 3″ – 18.3″
  • Number of bolt holes: 4, 8, 12, 16

BuildPro Part Number: T50430


  • 1 pc. of Universal Flange & Pipe Clamping Plate
  • 8 Locating Pins: 2 of each size - 1", 7/8", 3/4", 5/8";
  • 2 pc. Part No. PTT634KF Inserta Pliers