Edge Welding Cups #15 Pyrex Cup Kit with Mounting Adapter

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Edge #15 Pyrex Cup Kit with Diffuser and Mounting Hardware

Edge Pyrex Cup Kits include 2 Cups and all mounting hardware for any 9,20,25 series torch, and 17,18,26 series torches. The GL920-A adapter fits over any 2 series or 4 series gas lens collet body and provides a secure and sealed mounting service for Edge Welding Cups.

Kit Includes

  • 1x GL920-A - Gas Lens Adapter
  • 2x GL920-OR - O-Rings 
  • 2x GL920-TS Thermal Spacers
  • 2x GL920-P15D332 - #15 Pyrex Cups with 3/32" Diffuser Discs
    Note: GL920-TS Thermal Spacers are only used when mounting to 9,20,25 series torches. They are not required for 17,18,26 torches

Edge Welding Cups adapter GL920-A will only thread on standard 2 series or 4 series short gas lens collet bodies. Short 2 series collets are also required. 

For different size tungsten, please see #15 Diffusers and #15 Diffuser Install Tool

Edge Welding Supply Part Number: GL920-P15DKIT332