Furick BBWSG-19 "Cippy" Thermoplastic Replacement Cup

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Furick BBW #16 Thermoplastic Cup

Replacement Cup Only - The brass gas diffuser is required.  This option is only available if you already have a  BBWSG-19 ceramic or glass kit with the brass insert,

The BBW is a favourite for a lot of great welding talent, the development has continued and now is available as the BBWSG-19 "Cippy" thermoplastic cup.  The new version has been redesigned to optimized the performance and features a more powerful blast of argon in a smaller package.  The new thermoplastic cup is less heat resistant than the ceramic version but will not crack when dropped.

Important Facts

  • For 3/32 tungsten 
  • DC TIG welding only
  • Max 180 Amps
  • Recommended gas flow 30 CFH
  • Cup size #16

Installation info

What else?

  • Made in the USA.
  • Keep the diffuser screen in the shape that it comes with and try not to deform the screen.  Make sure that the screen is sealed against the walls of the cup or undesired results may occur.
  • Start arc at a low amperage , Establish Arc on tip of tungsten then roll into the desired amperage, If arc wanders clean tungsten or damage to the Screen Diffuser is possible.
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