Tiger Torch 445 NG Natural Gas Torch

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Tiger Torch 445 Natural Gas Torch

Tiger torch natural gas torches have a multitude of different applications, ranging from simple fire lighting to industrial and commercial use.  Made in Alberta Canada with premium materials, these torches are built for industrial use and abuse.  

Construction: Cast iron head, single barber jet with flash protection, steel stem, neoprene hand grip, needle valve.
B.T.U. Rating: 237,000 B.T.U. at 15 lbs psi
Length: 16 inches

  • 445 NG Torch Only

Common Applications:

  • Thaw frozen pipes and valves
  • Preheat steel and pipe for welding
  • Preheat engines for startup in cold weather
  • Heating shrink sleeves on pipe and cables
  • Heating for all roofing applications
  • Burn weeds, brush stands, and grass on fence lines
  • Heating pots, kettles, and branding irons
  • Heating water tanks in sub-zero climate
  • Melt ice and snow off non-flammable surfaces
  • Lighting flare pits and stacks
  • Starting charcoal, campfires, and trash barrels
  • Any other application requiring intense heat